Credit Where It Is Due

Credit Where It is Due

I like to make photographs, and I enjoy being praised for what I have done. But God teaches a different attitude, one of thankfulness and humility. He pointed that out to me recently. I DO NOT MAKE THESE PHOTOGRAPHS ALONE. I didn't create the light, or the technology which makes photography possible. I didn't buy my camera, it was a gift from my husband. I didn't give myself the ability to see through the camera in order to make an image which others find pleasing. It is right to use what I have been given to the best of my ability, but it is wrong to take credit for what I have not done. God made the light, the elements which are used to manufacture the camera, and the world from which these images come. He has given me gifts: people to teach me, eyes to see with, and a brain to process information. I am thankful for these gifts. He deserves all the praise, not I.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Simple Sweet Sugar-free Chocolate Tea

What a busy week it's been! I have many thoughts, but they are in a jumble! So today I offer a recipe that includes chocolate:

Simple Sweet Sugar-free Chocolate Tea

1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder (use more or less to your taste)
1 bag Good Earth Original tea, either regular or caffeine free
Boiling water

Put the cocoa powder in a mug and pour in boiling water to fill it. Stir until the cocoa is dissolved. Add the tea bag and steep at least 5 minutes--the longer it steeps, the sweeter the tea will taste. Keep a spoon handy to stir up the cocoa, as it will settle to the bottom.

This is delicious, even without sugar. Try it!


Anonymous said...

I am not sure I would like this. I am not nuts about tea so that itself is a strike or two against me trying it. I like hot cocoa on a cold day with buttered toast dipped in. Now my mouth is watering.

I slept under a blanket last night. This has been the coldest July ever recorded here in Ohio where we live. And it was only 59 F here this morning. August is starting out to be more of the same. I fear a climate change is on the way and each year will disrupt the lives of more birds and butterflies to say nothing about the polar bears.

Carletta said...

I'm not a great fan of tea either but adding chocolate just might be the ticket for me! :)