Credit Where It Is Due

Credit Where It is Due

I like to make photographs, and I enjoy being praised for what I have done. But God teaches a different attitude, one of thankfulness and humility. He pointed that out to me recently. I DO NOT MAKE THESE PHOTOGRAPHS ALONE. I didn't create the light, or the technology which makes photography possible. I didn't buy my camera, it was a gift from my husband. I didn't give myself the ability to see through the camera in order to make an image which others find pleasing. It is right to use what I have been given to the best of my ability, but it is wrong to take credit for what I have not done. God made the light, the elements which are used to manufacture the camera, and the world from which these images come. He has given me gifts: people to teach me, eyes to see with, and a brain to process information. I am thankful for these gifts. He deserves all the praise, not I.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

M is for Mushrooms





On stumps

From the ground

In colonies

Red, brown, white, yellow

 These pictures were all taken in the last three weeks.
I have never before, in the 30 years I have been here, seen so many mushrooms!

This is my contribution to ABC Wednesday,
follow the link to find more interpretations of the letter 'M!'

Friday, October 8, 2010

Nature's Miniatures

This was taken September 19.
It was a sunny day after several rainy ones, and Doggy and I were enjoying the light.
These red mushrooms caught my eye, even though they were exceptionally small.
The birch limb behind them was less than two inches in diameter!

After I put the pics from that day on my computer, I found a spider.
It's in the middle, just under the curl of birch bark, can you see it?
Then just this morning, I noticed another critter, an insect!
If you follow a diagonal line up from the center of the small red mushroom,
through the large one and the spider,
you will find it.
I think it may be the spider's dinner!

So I think this picture will do for
Camera Critters
Straight Out of the Camera Sunday
Macro Monday
Ruby Tuesday

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Update: Gemma at Greyscale Territory has a meme I just discovered, and I'm contributing this pic for it also. It's called Weekend Nature; check it out, and maybe contribute something of your own!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

A Ginger-y Post: Camera Critters

I have mentioned before that Ginger likes to go for walks. We traverse the skid trails and access roads on our property, enjoying God's creation. On the last expedition, I decided to use a trail we usually ignore, to see something a little different. Here are some critter sightings:
In a shady grove near a seasonal stream, which is now dry, I saw this tall mushroom. Ginger stood helpfully nearby to show how tall it is!

Walking on, we encountered this ant mound. It's about two feet tall!
I tried to take a picture of the ants on the mound. It was literally crawling with them!
If you click on the picture to view it larger, you may be able to find some,
but they are well camouflaged! Each ant is two colors: the head is red and the abdomen is black.
This shot has at least five ants; two of them are carrying fir needles that are about an inch long.
I hope you can find them!
Leaving the ant mound, Doggy and I walked a while longer, finally leaving the grove and crossing a grassy field to return to the house. The grass was tall! I sat down to try some low angle scenic photography. 
Ginger went on ahead, as she often does, then noticed I had gotten distracted again! I called her.
She came running once she saw me!

This is my contribution to Camera Critters. Drop by this fun meme to see other animals from all over.