Credit Where It Is Due

Credit Where It is Due

I like to make photographs, and I enjoy being praised for what I have done. But God teaches a different attitude, one of thankfulness and humility. He pointed that out to me recently. I DO NOT MAKE THESE PHOTOGRAPHS ALONE. I didn't create the light, or the technology which makes photography possible. I didn't buy my camera, it was a gift from my husband. I didn't give myself the ability to see through the camera in order to make an image which others find pleasing. It is right to use what I have been given to the best of my ability, but it is wrong to take credit for what I have not done. God made the light, the elements which are used to manufacture the camera, and the world from which these images come. He has given me gifts: people to teach me, eyes to see with, and a brain to process information. I am thankful for these gifts. He deserves all the praise, not I.

Friday, November 18, 2011


These were taken the same day, very close to each other.
I don't know which I prefer...

Looking into the light,

Or looking away from it.


Joyful said...

They are both night but I like looking into the light ;-)

Hildred said...

I love the depth and the shadows looking away from the light, but I suppose philosophically looking towards the light is the most inspiring.

Kay L. Davies said...

I like both of them, but I think I prefer the second. They're both beautiful, though.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Vores have said...

Hello "Dimple"
Beautiful pictures you have posted - love nature pictures.
Wishing you a good weekend.
Hugs Hanne Bente ♥

kareninkenai said...

the light in both these woods shots is gorgeous; very nice processing. thank you, kareninkenai

strandskatan said...

Very nice :)

cieldequimper said...

A bit spooky, I like!

anemonen said...

I like the firsst one best. Great photos.

Anonymous said...

I like the overt strength shown in the one away from the light and the fragile vision of strength of the other.

You always have such sensitivity in your photos--thanks for sharing.

Anvilcloud said...

I prefer the detail in #2.

Dragonstar said...

I like the bright light and dark foreground of the first, with that leafy piece setting it all off. But then, I also like the detail in the second. Hmm... No, it's the first one for me!

Nikki (Sarah) said...

These are great but I think I like the first one best b/c the leaves have a shimmering look..Have a great weekend

Ms. Becky said...

you know, initially my preference was the first. but then I studied further. what I truly love is that you gave me two beautiful choices. I could live in either world because each delights me in a different manner. happy weekend Dimple.

genie said...

The leaves and that arced wood are really eye catchers in the second shot. It has to be my favorite of the two. The lighting is amazing. You did some an awesome job with these two captures. Good job this week. genie

Anonymous said...

I like them both, but looking into the light is my favorite!

Maggie May said...

I love the different curves in these photos and the lighting. They are very good but possibly I think the second appeals to me the most.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

Looks like you photographed some mythical creatures of your own Dimple. I like the low viewpoint in the second shot. I could swear that creature is looking right at me. Probably forest growth, but you never know in the forest.

Cassie said...

I know this is your b&w post, but what fab shadows you captured too!! Have a blessed, happy Thanksgiving kiddo. Maybe we'll get together NEXT year!!!!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Darlin', your pictures are simply marvelous but what I love most is the credit where credit's due at the beginnin' of your blog. Great!

God bless and you and your family have a wonderfully blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving. Enjoy!!!

BTW: place...please drop by when ya get a chance!


DUTA said...

I prefer the second image. It has 'substance', density, depth with all its trees, branches, leaves, and shadows.

The first picture ,on the other hand, is mostly light and it's more delicate.

Vores have said...

Inside to wish you a good first Sunday in Advent with these words:

Life's four candles.
Slow burn the 4 light. Everything is so quiet that you can hear them talk to us.
The first candle said, "I am peace. People do not fit me, so I turn off soon"
Its flame was quickly reduced and the light died out.
... The second light said: "I am faithful. For the most part I am just a word that few know about. Therefore I have no desire to continue to burn"
While the light spoke, there came a v. .. in. ... breath and blew out the candle.
Then it was the third light's trip: "I am Love. I no longer have the strength to continue to burn. Men neglecting me. They have forgotten that they must love and honor each other" and the light did not wait long, but died out .
Then, with the one that came a little kid and saw the 3 extinguished the light. The child looked at them and said:
Why do they burn no more "?
When the lights had told the child the reason, the child began to cry.
Then answered the fourth light:
Do not be afraid. I am passionate yet and with me you can re-light the other candles, because I am "Hope"
With sparkling eyes took the baby 'Hope light "and with that she turned the other 3 lights.
Never let the flame of hope vanish in your life, and let every one of us appreciate, Hope - Fidelity - Peace - and love.
Make sure these lights never ♥ ♥ ♥
Hugs Hanne Bente ♥

Crown of Beauty said...

Hello Dimple...
I love the picture that looks into the light! It fills my heart with so much excitement and hope.

As November comes to an end, I wish you a happy thanksgiving month...


Buttons Thoughts said...

I am loving the first one there is something about looking into the light that makes me very happy. The other one is very nice too. B

NitWit1 said...

I love the different mood of each shot, but in this instance prefer the dark, with some mysterious mood.

However, I also love backlit shots which happen when looking directly to the light.

Vores have said...

Hello Dimple.
Just come to wish you a good second Sunday in Advent.
Hope you are doing well - take good care of yourself.
Hugs Hanne Bente ♥