Credit Where It Is Due

Credit Where It is Due

I like to make photographs, and I enjoy being praised for what I have done. But God teaches a different attitude, one of thankfulness and humility. He pointed that out to me recently. I DO NOT MAKE THESE PHOTOGRAPHS ALONE. I didn't create the light, or the technology which makes photography possible. I didn't buy my camera, it was a gift from my husband. I didn't give myself the ability to see through the camera in order to make an image which others find pleasing. It is right to use what I have been given to the best of my ability, but it is wrong to take credit for what I have not done. God made the light, the elements which are used to manufacture the camera, and the world from which these images come. He has given me gifts: people to teach me, eyes to see with, and a brain to process information. I am thankful for these gifts. He deserves all the praise, not I.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crossing the Great Divide

On Interstate 90 in Montana, traveling west, climbing up to the Continental Divide. The elevation in this first shot  is over 4000 feet above sea level.
 As you climb on this eastern side, the scene gets more rocky--the mountains create a "rain shadow."
The eastern slopes are much drier than the western, so vegetation has a hard time growing.
The elevation at the top of the pass, just east of Butte, Montana, and a reflection of yours truly hiding behind the camera!

 Heading downhill now, Butte and a meal stop in the distance. It was a long day!
Click HERE for more reflective shots and HERE for more scenics. I hope each of you is
enjoying your weekend.
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Al said...

Fun shots, I've driven that highway on the way to Spokane. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

I-70, my local east-west interstate, goes under the continental divide at an elevation of over 11,000 feet, and in early April I posted pictures of that tunnel on my blog. But I didn't post the approaches, as it was snowy and there wasn't much to see.

Unknown said...

What a nice road to ride by my motorcycle...

TFS and commenting on my blog too!
Happy nice weekend.

Beth Niquette said...

I've driven that road before--I LOVE the reflection!

Maggie May said...

That looks quite a dramatic ride. Those rocks look full of character.

Nuts in May

allhorsestuff said...

We see you!
What a neat trip!

Linnea said...

I love road trips across our country. It's so interesting to see how the landscape changes. You've captured these changes very well here for Scenic Sunday!

cat said...

Such fantastic views from that road :)

RuneE said...

This is the first time I've seen a reflective GPS :-)

cieldequimper said...

Ahhhhh you've got me dreaming!

James said...

That looks like a great place for a road trip. That's a pretty clever place to find a reflection. :)

Yep the covered bridge is just one lane.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We've been on that roadtrip many times; but your pictures are better! Thanks for visting my mockingbird post on FT-L. We're lived our whole (other) life in the Pacific Northwest, and just like you had never seen or heard those birds until we started our RVing life. This is the first time we've had them in our backyard.

Ryan M. Barnett said...

Sounds fun ... reminds me of driving through the mountains when I was a kid. My dad would purposely drive near the edge of the road to torture me! I still get ill even thinking about it!